Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Educators 4-Pack – Metal Z-Floor Stands – Chrome Pans (G) W1182




Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Educators 4-Pack – Metal Z-Floor Stands – Chrome Pans (G) W1182

Please Note: Jumbie Jam percussion kits and hardware are special order items. This results in an approximate 7-10 bustiness day shipping time. If an item is expected to take longer than 7-10 business days, we will contact you via the e-mail provided upon placing your order. Thank you! 

Students love it and a “Best Tools for Schools” award says it all for educators about this spirited instrument. Easy to teach, versatile, adaptable, and durable – teachers appreciate how simple it is to introduce the Jumbie Jam into the classroom. Using the JJ as a stand-alone instrument or adding to existing curriculum along with Orff, Ukulele, or a Steel Drum program couldn’t be easier!

The JJ is a multi-faceted instrument. Both percussive and melodic, it creates a well-rounded musical experience that students enjoy. Exploring this instrument along with the culture of the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, the birth place of the Steel Pan, provides opportunities for both musical and cross-curricular studies.

The JJ is MADE-in-USA by Panyard, World Leaders in Steel Pan Musical Instruments & Accessories for over 30 years. Utilizing their innovations of the Steel Pan Art-Form, they specially designed the JJ as a high quality entry-to-intermediate level instrument that is both Easy to Teach and Learn. Making music classes fun and rewarding empowers you to teach students more effectively. The JJ is a great instrument for students of any skill level, allowing them to enjoy the experience of music participation, creativity, and performance.

The JJ is best suited for K-8 in the General Music Classroom, but is also very successful in other programs such as Special Needs, Enrichment Programs, Music Therapy, After School and Performances. “Many students come in at recess to get extra playing time” – Mary Beth Kell, Vocal & Music K-12, Franklin Monroe Local.

Expand the scope of your JJs with Panyard’s Pentatonic & Key Conversion Magnet Kits. You can easily convert your JJs to Pentatonic Instruments, different keys/scales or block notes you don’t want to be played.

The JJ is very durable, standing up to the rigors of the classroom. The JJ Pan is one octave G Diatonic, which can easily be converted to G or C Pentatonic. Delivered as an economical Educators 4-Pack of four Ready-To-Play Kits that includes: 16” diameter Steel Pan, Mallets and a STURDY & DURABLE Metal Z-Floor Stand that is height adjustable to accommodate any size player. The stand is also collapsible, making the kit portable and easy to store. The FREE Downloadable Beginner’s Guide-Song Book includes 5 play-along songs with audio tracks + instrument care instructions, playing techniques, history and culture of the Steel Pan. Additional Teachers Guides and Song Books are available.

The Jumbie Jam is named after a character in Trinidadian folklore; the “Jumbie.” This mischievous and playful spirit grabs hold of you, compelling you to do a particular thing. What you are urged to do depends on the type of Jumbie that bites you. You have now been bitten by the Pan Jumbie, giving you the “Jumbie to Jam!”

Pan Specs:

  • 16″ Diameter
  • 8 Notes
  • Key of G (G4-G5)

Metal Z-Stand:

  • 23″-38″ in Height




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Additional information


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