Cardinal Percussion Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal

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The Twin Effect bass drum pedal is a top quality tool that will allow you to double your drum pedal speed with just a single foot. The Twin Effect works by utilizing the rocking motion created by your foot, also featuring a double chain and dual spring construction. It allows you to go super fast and turn single kicks into rapid fire. Needless to say, this leaves your other foot free, and able to rock the hi-hat cymbal as usual.

The item we have at our hands is a top-quality product and one of the best items of its niche within the given price range. It is sturdy, durable, strong, offers high quality and great reliability – what more can a musician ask for? 


  • Double pedal speed and effect with one foot
  • Your heel moves the left beater your toe moves the right rocking motion creates the double pedal action
  • Double chain and dual spring action