Ahead Pro Kick Bass Drum Damprs 4 Pack




The Pro Kick, Bass Drum Dampers are gel muffling system designed specifically for your bass drum. These simple to install premium external dampers won’t restrict the airflow inside of your bass drum, encouraging the natural sustain and low-end that makes your bass drum sound its very best.



  • Includes 4 gel bass drum dampers
  • Use on a batter drumhead, resonant drumhead, or on both
  • Has a smooth side and a grooved side that can be used for different drumhead surface finishes and dampening effects
  • The smooth side is recommended for use on smooth and coated drumheads, but the grooved side can be used on some smooth drumheads
  • Restore stickiness y washing with warm water

How to Use

1, Remve the protective film frm the side of the damper that you would like to contact the drumhead.

2, Use the protective film on the other side of the damper to press-down and adhere the damper nto the drumhead.

3, Then remove the remaining protective film from the damper.

4, Experiment with orientation and placement until your desired timbre is achieved. 

Additional information

Additional information