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Latin Percussion Multi Stem Gajate Bracket LP388M

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Latin Percussion
The original Gajate Bracket was an engineering triumph and a blessing for the drummer, who attached a standard kick pedal to the special floor mounted bracket and in order to play a bell or block with his/her foot. The LP Gajate Bracket sparked a revolution, wherein drummers pressed their less active limbs into service to keep the tricky left foot rumba clave. With that mastered, they devised wicked ostinato rhythms and improvise atop. There was but one downside, one mechanical limitation: drummers could play only one mounted instrument.
Not anymore. LP is thrilled to introduce the LP Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket. It secures three percussion items. The drummer simply rotates the top assembly to choose from block, bell, or tambourine (other items are possible). Lateral movement is so smooth that a drummer can change and alternate percussion instruments even during a song!
The LP Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket will not budge under repeated blows. A wide bass affords stability. Adjustable spurs, spiked metal tip or rubber tip, prohibit forward "creeping". A low profile enables it to slip into tight spaces. A well-conceived clamp system secures three tonal sources on rods enabling vertical movement and there is further adjustment of the hardened steel rods at the base of the LP Gajate Bracket. Once bell, block, and tambourine are in the perfect spot, they're not going anywhere.
One pedal now makes it possible to select from three percussion items. The new LP Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket is going to be the percussion hit of the year.
Latin Percussion Multi Stem Gajate Bracket LP388M Features:
  • Compact design allows for placement with a drum kit
  • Fully adjustable rods accomodate Cyclops Tambourine, Cowbells, Jam Blocks and other 3/8" mountable accessories
  • Wide front base helps eliminate creep of the bracket on floors
  • This Multi-Stem expansion on the original LP Gajate Bracket was developed in collaboration with Randy Lavvorn
  • Unique design holds 3 percussion items to play with one pedal
  • Simple lift and rotate design to switch instruments