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Latin Percussion Bata Drums

Latin Percussion Bata Drums
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Latin Percussion
LP Founder Martin Cohen, first came across Batá drums more than 40 years ago at a religious ceremony in the Bronx, New York. Traditionally Batás are ceremonial drums that are played in groups. At least three people sit, each with a different size drum, and act out "call and answer” patterns which are played on the drums. Contemporary drummers often use two or three Batás in a stand on their percussion set-up.
Latin Percussion Bata Drums Feature:
  • Made from our specially selected, kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak
  • Most precisely made Batás available today, wrench tuned
  • Available in three sizes: small or Oconcolo with 5" and 6-3⁄4" head sizes, medium or Itolele with 5-3⁄4" and 9" head sizes, and large or Iya with 6-1⁄2" and 12-1⁄2" head sizes
  • Gracefully tapered shell, with increasing thickness to the smallest point, for a great, strong sounding drum
  • Natural rawhide head has been carefully chosen for optimum sound quality
  • Black nylon neck strap, tuning wrench, and LP Lug Lube included
Latin Percussion Bata Drums Available:
LP492-AWC - Small - Oconcolo, 5" & 6.75" Heads

LP491-AWC - Medium - Omele/ Itolele, 5.75" & 9" Heads

LP490-AWC - Large - Iya, 6.50" & 12.50" Heads