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DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Style Rug - Bonzo VP185-BNZ

over $20

DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Style Rug - Bonzo VP185-BBL

The DRUMnBASE Vintage Persion Drum/Stage Mats are heavy duty rugs with a very durable road proof anti-slip rubber backing. The 4mm thick top is made of polyamide velours, giving grip and durability. Furthermore, the top is easy to clean from drumstick wood chips and UV and waterproof. So cleaning with water and soap is no problem.

• Made in Belgium, with long history of superior textile manufacturing, unlike most competitor products

• Rigid, high-quality construction

• 2.5 mm thick anti-slip rubber backing

• Rug lies flat and stays flat, no curling up (not even at the corners!)

• Reduces vibration

• 4mm strong & durable velour top (easy to clean)

• Waterproof

• Classic design and look with eye-pleasing colors

• Perfect for use with any instrument: keyboard; guitar; bass; pedalboard setups; amps; drums; wind instruments; vocals. Looks great in all practice spaces, studios and stage setups

• 6-foot x 5.25-foot: Good for larger spaces, fits full drumset with two floor toms and drum throne

• 5.5mm thick

• 5.5 kg. (12.1 lbs.)