Evans Hybrid Grey Marching Snare Batter SB14MHG

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EVANS Hybrid coated snare batter heads are made to withstand the heaviest hitters while delivering a focused snare sound with no pinging overtones. Hybrid heads boast an ultra-durable weave of two high-tensile fibers, creating a unique wear-resistant texture with extended life and enhanced sensitivity. With a defined attack, short sustain, and darker tonal character, EVANS Hybrid drumheads can be tuned low to get a fat, deep “thump” or tightened up for a perfectly subdued “crack”. This coated drumhead features Level 360 Technology.

EVANS Hybrid Series utilizes two unique high-tensile fibers, one chosen for flexibility and the other for durability. Compared to aramid fiber heads, the Hybrid marching snare batter achieves greater sensitivity, and a broader dynamic range while enhancing projection and durability.