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Pearl Ultracast Snare Drums

Pearl Ultracast Snare Drums
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If you are like most drummers, your ideal snare sound lives somewhere between wood and metal shell drums. You switch between the two, because they both sound great. You like the bright cutting projection and pronounced hi-end crack of a metal shell, but sometimes you just can’t live without the warmth, body and bottom that only comes from a wood shell drum. If this is starting to sound familiar, one listen to our all UltraCast Snare Drum will seem like a dream come true. UltraCast offers everything you want in a snare sound, all of the time.
UltraCast is our exclusive precision milled, cast aluminum shell snare drum. At 3mm thick, this is one of the thickest metal drums you’ll find. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and provides the warm, round, full bodied tone of a wood shell snare. But it is after all, a metal shell, so you get all the crack, volume and projection you can handle. No other snare drum can offer this perfect compromise between wood and metal. Since UltraCast is a milled cast aluminum shell, its bearing edges are precision cut and perfect every time. This provides ease of tuning and perfect head seating around the entire circumference of the drum. And speaking of tuning integrity, all tension bolts on UltraCast are precision turned Stainless Steel.
UltraCast snare drums are outfitted with our SN-1420C UltraSound graduated tension snares. The end plates are "C" shaped with the center snares looser than the outside snares. The looser snares respond to the lightest touch while the tighter snares keep their focus during loud play thus giving UltraSound snares extended sensitivity and dynamic range.
The look of UltraCast is also much different. Its all black lacquered coated shell, tube lugs, and SuperHoop II Rims will quickly become an exciting focal point of your entire kit. 
Pearl Ultracast Snare Drums Feature:
  • 3mm Cast Aluminum Shell
  • Tube Lugs
  • SuperHoops II
  • SR-1000 Strainer
  • 2 Available Sizes

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