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Latin Percussion Salsa Bongo Cowbells

Latin Percussion Salsa Bongo Cowbells
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Latin Percussion

LP Salsa Cowbells are hand-crafted in the LP tradition and are specifically designed for use in Latin music. They offer livelier sounds than other drier LP bells and have become extremely popular. They are also great additions to any percussion or drum set up adding new colors to any style of music. LP Salsa Cowbells are equipped with the LP forged eye-bolt assembly (except hand held bells) to provide a sure grip to any 3/8" diameter rod.

Latin Percussion Salsa Bongo Cowbells Feature:
  • High pitched bells with bright overtones
  • Hand held version is used in Salsa bands by a bongo player or singer
  • The mountable version is for drum kit players who play songo rhythms
Latin Percussion Salsa Bongo Cowbells Available:
ES-4 - LP Salsa Bongo Cowbell, Hand-Held

ES-8 - LP Salsa Bongo Cowbell, Mountable