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Latin Percussion Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro LP3012-SM

Latin Percussion Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro LP3012-SM
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Latin Percussion
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LP drumset artist Stanton Moore’s playing style is an eclectic gumbo of New Orleans funk, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and some down-home American rock ’n’ roll. And his selection of gear matches his ethnic diversity, including the long-time use of a Brazilian-style pandeiro mounted on his drumkit. Now Stanton has collaborated with LP’s designers to create the Rio Stanton Moore pandeiro.
At 12" in diameter the Stanton Moore pandeiro is perfectly sized for convenient placement around a drumkit. It fits comfortably into a snare stand, or it can be "flown” off of any cymbal or drum stand using the included shell mount that will fit onto a standard 3/8" rod. The high-density hardwood shell is strong enough to withstand the impact torque created when the drum is played this way.
The pandeiro is fitted with seven sets of jingles and eight tuning rods to help it create a characteristic Brazilian sound. A Remo Emperor head adds depth to the drum’s sound while providing durability for drumstick playing. The drum comes supplied with a convenient carry bag.
The LP Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro is as distinctive and original as the drummer it’s named for. Check one out, and get groovin’.
Latin Percussion Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro LP3012-SM Features:
  • Incorporated by LP artist Stanton Moore as an essential element of his unique drum kit set up
  • 12" Wood Shell - fits nicely in a snare stand
  • Includes mount that will fit on a 3/8" rod
  • 7 sets of Jingles and 8 tuning rods
  • Remo 12" Emperor head and carry bag included
  • Use with any 3/8" mountable percussion item