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Latin Percussion Percussion Table & Accessories

Latin Percussion Percussion Table & Accessories
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Latin Percussion
Latin Percussion Percussion Table & Accessories Features:
  • Ideal percussionist’s work station for live and studio performances
  • This versatile table can hold dozens of percussion instruments within easy reach
  • 22" W x 19" D height adjustable table can be used with all varieties of LP LP hand percussion items including tambourines, shekeres, claves, shakers, güiros, maracas, and many others
  • The rubber padded playing surface protects the instruments, and makes for quiet handling
  • Raised back edge of the table keeps instruments from rolling off
  • Two height adjustable, tiered cross bars provide up to 24 possible mounting locations for use with 3⁄8" diameter mounting rods
  • Six rods and three triangle hooks are included with each table, and additional rods are available separately
  • Collapsible for easy set-up and portability
  • When disassembled, the unit measures 26" W x 20" H x 3" D and fits neatly into its nylon carry bag
  • Table is shown with two optional extension wings (LP762A)
Available Percussion Table Accessories & Parts:
LP760A - 26"x20" Table

LP762A - 12"x19" Table Extension Wing (1 Pc.)

LP763A - Replacement Bag

LP764 - Adapter & Caster Set

LP765 - 3/8" Percussion Mounting Rods w/ Wing Nuts (6Pcs.)

LP766 - Triangle Hook Set (6 Pcs.)

LP760A-CB - Cross Bar w/ Wing Screws For LP760A

LP760A-LB - Percussion Table Upright Bar Wing Screws For LP760A

LP760A-MB - Mount Bar w/ Holes & End Clamps For LP760A

LP760A-UB - Stabilizing Bars For LP760A, Upright/ Vertical