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Gibraltar Road Series Clamps

Gibraltar Road Series Clamps
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SCGRSMC - Multi Clamp - For mounting toms, accessory arms, 5/8" to 1 1/4" diameter to standard 1 1/2" diameter rack tube

SCGRSAMC - Adustable Multi Clamp - Rack bar adjustableangle multi clamp

SCGRSSMC - Super Multi Clamp - A large multi clamp section with more gripping surface than the SCGRSMC. For mounting heavy toms

SCGRSEMAC - Adjustable End Multi Clamp - Mounts on the end of a rack tube w/ adjustable angle

SCGRSRA - Right Angle Clamp - Fixed 90 degree w/ hinged sides

SCGRSAR - Adjustable Right Angle Clamp - The adjustable right angle clamp allows multiple angle adjustments via a geared drum key rod/bolt assembly

SCGRSARA - Adjustable Right Angle Clamp - Mount two rack bars together w/ adjustable angle

SCGRSSRA - Stackable Right Angle Clamp - Allows two tubes to meet at the same horizontal angle and pivot up to 90 degrees on a vertical leg

SCGRSAAC - Adjustable Angle Clamp - Secures two tubes and allows for angle adjustment

SCGRSTL - T Leg Clamp - Designed for maximum support and stability of 90 degree T leg assemblies

SCGRSQS - Quick Set Clamp - Allows for two position locking angles which helps quicken setup and tear down. Primarily designed for use on horizontal bars and vertical leg bars

SCGRSRAA - Rack Clamp w/ Ratchet Arm Assembly - Rack bar clamp w/ L rod ratchet assembly

SCGRSHML - Hinged Memory Lock - Can be added to rack without sliding other components off

SCGRSHKML - Hinged Key Memory Lock - Locks and adjusts w/ a drum key