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Drum Workshop 9000 Series Dual Cymbal Multi Stand DWCP9702

Drum Workshop
Retail Price: $349.99
The 9702 Dual Cymbal Multi-Stand is yet another innovation designed to give drummers almost limitless set-up options. The versatile stand features dual ratchet boom with X-Pand™ quick release, mega-tripod base, heavy duty 1.25” tubing and toothless tilters. With the 9702, less hardware is needed to accomplish the same task while never sacrificing stability.
Drum Workshop 9000 Series Dual Cymbal Multi Stand DWCP9702 Features:
  • Dual Ratchet Boom
  • Quick-Release Ratchet
  • Mega Tripod Base
  • The Techlock secondary drum key locking system is a design inspired by working drum techs. The feature, incorporated at all critical adjustment points on DW 9000 hardware, is a safe-guard against slippage due to vibration during transport or play.
  • Plastic tube insulators inside the heavy gauge tubing are a necessity in recording situations to avoid rattling when drum mics are placed close to cymbal stands.
  • Hinged memory locks are included at tube joints, cymbal arms and tripod leg assemblies to guarantee 100% repeatable, precise height settings every time.
  • The patented Cymbal Seat Adjustment can be raised or lowered to quickly adjust cymbal movement as needed. It can then be locked in place to assure desired spacing.
  • The Toothless Tilter with TechLock allows for infinite adjustment and secure positioning.