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21" K Zildjian Series Crash Ride Cymbal K20835

21" K Zildjian Series Crash Ride Cymbal K20835
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SKU: K20835
K Zildjian Series
Legend. Legacy. The innovative cymbal work of Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams or any one of a sweeping collection of the greatest drummers in history. They’ve all been fueled by K Zildjian cymbals. The deep, dry and shimmering sounds developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey continue to inspire drummers today. Elaborate hammering and lathing work our secret alloy into versatile cymbals with a wide-ranging blend of high and low frequencies that can be mellow or intense. It all depends on how you play them.
21" K Zildjian Series Crash Ride Cymbal K20835 Features:
  • Designed with Zak Starkey, these new 21" K Crash Rides create the "wall of sound" that Zak needs while playing with The Who. The Brilliant Finish helps to offer additional high-end sparkle and smoothes out the sound. Speaks quickly and is excellent for shouldering with the stick. These latest offerings are the only Brilliant Finish K models.
  • Brilliant Finish