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Pearl Steel Firecracker Snare Drums

Pearl Steel Firecracker Snare Drums
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Pearl is known the world over for making some of the finest snare drums in the industry. And when a drummer is ready to experiment with different sounds, usually the first thing to change is the snare, the cornerstone of your kit. If this sounds like you, Pearl's FireCracker Snare drums offer Pearl quality and dependability without breaking the bank. FireCracker snare drums are available in 2 unique shell configurations, 8 ply Poplar finished in gleaming Ebony Mist or lustrous classic Steel. The 8 plies of Poplar provide a solid, powerful punch with warm balanced sustain. And if it is brilliant attack and unyielding resonance that your crave, the steel shell is your ticket to ride. Both of these unique shell materials are available in 2 sizes, 10"x5" and 12"x5".


Pearl Steel Firecracker Snare Drums Feature:

FCS1050 - 10"x5" Size
FCS1250 - 12"x5" Size
Steel Shell, CL-05 Lugs, SR-018 Strainer

FCP1050 - 10"x5" Size
FCP1250 - 12"x5" Size
8 Ply Poplar Shell, Cl-05 Lugs, SR-018 Strainer, 271 - Ebony Mist Finish

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