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Hello Musicians,

      We are very excited to have just launched our new website on May 17th, 2013. Our new ecommerce website design features an enlarged search box that makes looking for product quick and easy instead of  clicking endless multiple choices. See the new product arrivals instantly as they are posted on the home page each day.  We hope you like our new website and we want to hear your comments or suggestions so that we can make it even better!

. Please send your comments to and we will respond.

Thank you,

            Rick Hamilton

*We would like to say thank you to the web masters Cameron and Mark of "SCHWEB DESIGN"  for their expert advice and wonderful customer service through the entire process.   



I like the website and especially the store. I think of it as a "candy store" for drummers. I recently got back into drumming and bought another set. I've added onto the set with new & used items form the store. The workers at the store have always been very helpful.