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Tama Roadpro Combination Tom/ Cymbal Stand HTC707WN

Tama Roadpro Combination Tom/ Cymbal Stand HTC707WN
Retail Price: $254.00
Tama Roadpro Combination Tom/ Cymbal Stand HTC707WN Features:
  • Movable Tom Positioning - By loosening the bolt on the tom holder, toms can be easily adjusted forward and back (60mm maximum).
  • Quick-Set Tilter - The toothless "Quick-Set" tilter securely holds position with the friction of six metal disc plates instead of traditional gears so you can adjust it to any angle you desire. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than the conventional gear tilter.
  • Nylon Washers - By inserting nylon washers into the leg stand joints we have improved durability and made the leg action much smoother!
  • Omni-ball Tom Angle Adjustment - With its rock solid stability, TAMA's Omni-ball system has been acclaimed by pro drummers for well over twenty years. You can achieve almost any angle by loosening one T-nut.
  • Steel Insert Nut - A threaded steel insert nut placed inside the tripod base is much stronger and therefore less prone to stripping than the tradition method of cutting the threads directly in to the die-cast section.
    Simply having thicker piping doesn't make truly professional hardware. What makes hardware professional is stability, durability and easy serviceability. Which is why Roadpro features all kinds of innovations that are small in size, but huge in results.