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Sonor SQ1 Series Hot Rod Red 3 Piece Shell Pack w/ Hardware

Retail Price: $3,895.00

20x16 Bass Drum

12x8 Rack Tom

14x13 Floor Tom


Sonor 400 series hardware pack included!



2x Boom/Straight Cymbal Stands

Single Pedal

Hi Hat Stand

Snare Stand

Single Tom Holder & Clamp



USA Remo drum heads. 

Toms: Coated Ambassador Top / Clear Ambassador Bottom

Bass: Clear Powerstroke 3 Batter / Fiberskyn Ambassador Resonant 


Sonor introduces the SQ1 series, a new dimension in sound. Birch shells in combination with new innovative Sound Sustainer technology form the basis of a drum series with extraordinary sound characteristics. Together with exclusive matte lacquer finishes, a professional drum concept for live performance and studio recording was developed. Made in Germany.


Birch - the secret behind acoustic versatility


SQ1 drum shells are made of 100% European Birch. Because of its sound characteristics - balanced in low, mid and high - the Birch drum sound is very popular for studio recordings as well as live performances. When developing SQ1, Sonor tested several combinations of Birch-based shell materials. Sonor's conclusion was that pure Birch provided the most versatile sounding drum. Sonor's unique CLTF "Cross Lamination Tension Free" and OSM "Optimum Shell Measurement" process (slightly narrowed outside shell measurement) provide excellent sustain and easy tuning.


Sound Sustainer - the intelligent drum mount


For decades Sonor has cooperated with scientific institutes to optimize the acoustic performance of their drums. Numerous pioneering concepts for the improvement of drum mounting systems have been developed. The new Sound Sustainer technology is based on concepts applied in the automotive industry. A 2-component connection (rubber to metal) enables complete isolation of the metal mount and the wooden shell. This guarantees a particularly long lasting and clean decaying sustain, not just for tom toms but also all floor toms in the SQ1 series.


SQ1 Look & Feel - inspired by classic cars


The colors and styles of legendary car classics were the inspiration for the color selection of the SQ1 series. Four matte lacquer surfaces are handcrafted with Sonor's precision sanding, polishing and lacquer procedures. A special lacquer is used to seal all inside shells.