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RoboKey Drum Key

RoboKey Drum Key
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The fastest and easiest way to tune your drums with one of the most innovative drum keys ever created! The RoboKey Drum Key features a patented GearDrive mechanism that allows it to turn the drum bolt 4 times for every one time that you turn it. It works just like battery powered or electric drum tuners but without batteries or adapters which allows it to be compact and fit easily into any drum bag! Much faster than traditional drum keys or ratchet wrenches. Also, great for when you need to change those old drumheads. The Robokey both tightens and loosens the drum bolts with ease and quickness. Extremely durable construction. Made by a drummer for drummers! Right or Left Hand friendly ergonomic design. Made of thick, rugged plastic and metal. Green. Approx. 4.5" L x 2.375" W.