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Drums Etc. Music Lessons ResponsibilityStudent Responsibilities:

  • As you would expect to read a history assignment from school, so you must also expect daily practice.
  • Arrive at lessons on time.
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward your teacher, music lessons and practice.
  • Talk with your teacher regularly about expectations and achievements.

Parent Responsibilities:
It's a fact that usually children do not drop out of music, parents do. The responsibility for staying with a consistent learning program is yours, not your child's.

Learning music is a try-and-try again process and successes are extremely important. Your child might become discouraged one day. It's normal. At this point, let your child know you realize the problem and that you're proud he's working at it.

Gentle encouragement is needed, both in the classroom and at home, if your child is to achieve the success he deserves. While he should not be forced, it is important that he attend classes on a regular basis. Set aside a regularly scheduled time each day for practice. Do not leave it to chance or interrupt a favorite playtime. Give him your support and we'll take it from there.