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Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator Single Pedals ~

Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator Single Pedals
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Pearl’s PowerShifter Eliminator Bass Drum pedal provides the ultimate in player tunability and control. With a choice of 6 different cams (4 included and 2 more optional), 4 beater faces, PowerShifter functionality and complete control over pedal surface grip or slip, this is the most tuner friendly pedal that you can buy.
Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator Single Pedals Feature:
  • Power Shifter - Our revolutionary PowerShifter function provides 3 positions to fine tune the power and feel of the pedal. By moving the footboard forward or back you change the chain or belt drive angle, thus changing the leverage to create a light, normal or strong feel.
  • Independent Traction Grip - Power sShifter Eliminator's traction plate footboard insert allows you to remove and reconfigure each individual traction grip to suit your exact playing requirements. From maximum grip to full slide, and every option in between, the choice is yours. The Traction Plate also reverses to focus the slide or grip surfaces to either the toe or heel of the pedal.
  • Quad Beater - Our QuadBeater provides four different beater surfaces, each with its own distinct sound. You can choose from 2 hard plastic surfaces or 2 felt surfaces and either pinpoint or line contact with the head.
  • Interchangeable Cams - Our exclusive Cam System provides six (included 4 + optional 2) interchangeable color coded cams allowing you to quickly change the power and feel of the pedal to suit your individual playing needs. Changing from cam to cam is as simple as pushing the release button and snapping another cam in place.
  • Chain or Belt Drive Available