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Pearl MCX Masters 6 Ply Maple 4 Pc. Shell Kit MCX924XP/C

Pearl MCX Masters 6 Ply Maple 4 Pc. Shell Kit MCX924XP/C
over $20
Retail Price: $2,999.00
The Masters Custom MCX features the same 6 ply Maple shells, lugs and MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops as its big-brother MRP Masters Premium but with 4 high gloss lacquer finishes and 3 wrapped finishes with chrome drum hardware, "standard" Masters OptiMount, spurs, and floor tom bracket/legs, and steel tension rods. Five shell packs are available with a very affordable price. All shells are constructed using our exclusive SST Superior Shell Technology manufacturing process. Our goal is to create the best sounding drums and SST assures that all shells are perfect acoustic chambers for amazing sound.
Masters Custom MCX's 6 ply, 100% Maple shells offer increased power and superb projection for the prefect bridge between player and audience. Their warm full bodied tone offers great sensitivity and sustain for a very "live" sound.
Pearl MCX Masters 6 Ply Maple 4 Pc. Shell Kit MCX924XP/C Features:
  • 22"x18" - Bass Drum
  • 12"x9" - Tom
  • 13"x10" - Tom
  • 16"x16" - Floor Tom
  • 100% Maple Shells
  • 100% Maple Bass Drum Hoops
  • Masters Bridge Lugs
  • MasterCast Die Cast Hoops on Toms
  • OptiMount Tom Holders
  • Molded Rubber Gaskets
  • Remo Heads

Please Allow 90-120 Days For Production & Delivery