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Pearl FFXPB1412 Pipe Band Birch Snare Drum with Carrier and Hard Case- 14x12 ~

Retail Price: $2,015.50

Pearl FFXPB1412/C109 Pipe Band Birch Snare Drum with Carrier and Hard Case

The FFXP-1412 features a full free-floating shell formed with Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology (SST) and a precision cut snare bed for the ultimate in snare response. Available in 4 ply Maple or Birch, both feature 4 ply reinforcement rings and a high strength Aluminum edge ring for added strength. The high strength lightweight aircraft aluminum frame offers extreme durability under the most aggressive tuning. Pearl’s Quick-Release Snare System allows the removal of the entire unit with the turn of a knob for super easy head changes. The upper snare unit uses a 28 strand chrome-plated carbon steel snare that features exterior adjustability over tension and head contact via a standard drum key. Chrome plated snare guards provide a safe sitting platform and offer protection if dropped. Available in 4 standard high-gloss lacquer finishes.


4 ply Birch Shell with 4 ply Reinforcement Rings for a Bright Optimum Tone
Pearl "Stratosphere" Head by Remo
Steel Snare Guards for Extra Protection
Chrome Snare Wire Increases Brightness
Relieves Shell Tension to withstand today's super high tensioning
Exterior Access to Top Snare Adjustment for easy tuning
45 Degree Bearing Edge for a Great Cutting Sound


CX Pipe Band Snare Carrier (CXSP-1)


Elegantly Simple. Incredibly Solid. The CX Airframe carrier features a well padded rod style frame that allows for a wide range of adjustments The CXSP-1 model comes with both Corps style J-rods, and 2) AL-72 Pipe Snare J-rods as used on the MXSP-1 so the player can choose the best fit.


The custom molded case protects your drum during storage or transit. Complete with locking strap and carrying handle. 4 Unique indentations at each corner facilitate stacking of multiple cases securely.

PD-1412 for both 13" and 14" Snare Drums