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MBT Lighting Pack LED Lighting System LEDGIGPRO Rental

MBT Lighting Pack LED Lighting System LEDGIGPRO Rental

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The perfect portable lighting package for bands, solos, duos, DJ’s and more! The LEDGIGPRO includes 4 slim-design spots (only 2” thick) already mounted and prewired to the power T-bar. Each spot uses ultra-bright 10mm LEDs: There are 180 LEDs in each light: 60 red, 60 green, 60 blue: 720 total, powerful LEDs! The cool-running, low power-usage LEDs only consume 22W per spot: 88W for the total system. Included is a 4-pedal foot switch with capability for full-on, 6-color selection, chasing patterns and blackout. Audio chase with sensitivity control knob built onto the control T-bar. Linkable to other LEDGIGPRO sets via master/slave mode. 15 DMX channels for use with conventional DMX controllers. Heavy-duty tripod stand goes to 8 feet high. Includes form-fitted carry case (the size of an electric bass guitar case) for easy portability and quick set up. Box dims: 58” x 6” x 20”. 37.5 lbs.
To put two LEDGIGPRO units in "master/slave" mode, first get one set operating normally with its foot controller. This will be the "Master".
Next go to the second LEDGIGPRO (this is the one we'll want to make the "slave"). Using the Menu, Up and Down buttons at the readout display select modes so that "A--1" appears: use the up/down buttons to make sure "1" is displayed in this screeen (this is a factory default so you may not have to do anything here if "A--1" is shown). Next use the Menu, Up and Down buttons to select "512" mode (not SND sound out AUTO auto chasing modes). This is DMX512 communication mode. Once "512" is displayed leave it....after 30 secondes this mode will be "locked in and memorized. Connect a qood quality 3-pin XLR cable from the 1st unit's "DMX OUT" connection and plug into the "DMX IN" connection on the second slave unit. At that point the two systems should work together.
MBT LED Lighting System LEDGIGPRO Rental Features:

  • 4 - Spot Lights
  • 1 - Light Stands
  • 1 - 4 Pedal Foot Switches
Delivery & Pick-up Charge - $75.00 - Standard delivery charges are based on a 30 mile or less distance from Drums Deliveries further than 30 miles up to 120 miles will be charged an extra $1.50 per mile.