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Mapex Saturn Series 4pc Shell Pack Red/Blue Hybrid Sparkle snm504xcph

Mapex Saturn Series 4pc Shell Pack Red/Blue Hybrid Sparkle snm504xcph
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Mapex Saturn Series SNM504X in Red/Blue Hybrid Sparkle

Shell Pack only.  Does not include Cymbals and Cymbal stands shown in picture. 

This Maple/Walnut kit 2 up and 1 down shell pack with a 20" bass drum finds the balance between versatility and practicality. It can be tuned in a wide range, whether up high for jazz and fusion or down deep for rock-n-roll. The unique Maple and Walnut shell composition results in clear and focused toms and a bass drum that sounds bigger than its size would suggest.

Created to perform in any music genre, the Mapex Saturn Series Drum Kits are ideal for all professional music applications, both live and in the studio. Saturn Series Drum Sets are available in a wide variety of shell packs with a multitude of components. With its unique thin maple and walnut shell, Saturn produces deep, rich tone recognized by thousands of players as the Mapex Sound!

This lacquered sparkle finish blends fine blue and red flakes that each catch the light at different angles, giving this kit an iridescent quality. Is it red or blue...or purple? You decide.

Fitted with Remo Clear Emperor Drum Heads on Tom Toms.  P3 on Bass Drum