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Mapex MyDentity Custom Drum Builder

Mapex MyDentity Custom Drum Builder
over $20
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With over 500 million combinations of shell finish, hardware finish, shell material, configurations and sizes, Mapex MyDentity Drum Sets offers drummers a complete custom drum experience at a fraction of the cost and lead-time of other custom options. The online design tool is simple to use. Mapex MyDentity Custom Drum Kits are available in Maple and Birch. Delivery is guaranteed within 30 days of ordering.
Mapex MyDentity Templates Available:
  • 4 Pc. Shell Pack - $999.99
  • 5 Pc. Shell Pack - $1099.99
  • 6 Pc. Shell Pack - $1199.99
To Create Your Mapex MyDentity Custom Drum Kit:
1 - Create Your MyDentity Account at:
2 - Build Your Custom MyDentity Kit and Save Your Design
3 - Hit The "Order" Tab To Receive Your MyDentity Order ID #
4 - To Receive Your Price and Place Your Order
      Please Email Your Order ID Code to: