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Kick Pro Weighted Gripping Bass Drum Pillow KPDB17B

over $20
From MuffleLow Technologies comes the first weighted, non-skid, self-stabilizing bass drum pillow. Without velcro, straps or fasteners to keep it in place, the KickPro Pillow has been thoroughly tested live and in the studio, and fits through a standard 5" hole. Made in the U.S.A!

Standard Size 17”x11”. Made from soft, durable, non-scratch, premium-grade fleece cover. Exclusive, heavyweight design is more effective than other pads. Reliable, non-slip, rubberized bottom. Flexibility adjusts for lateral or front to back positioning with no Velcro required. Used and endorsed by leading drummers and sound engineers
A note from Jon maker of pillows:
​   ​"The KickPro pillow's design was the result of  thousands of recording hours and messing around with anything and everything inside a bass drum. I was searching for something versatile with some weight but it also needed to be easily manipulated and STAY where you put it. It's great for sensitive and heavy players alike and is easily adjusted for light or heavy contact against the heads. So take control of your sound, the KickPro pillow will not move and your bass drum will finally sound and feel like you want it to. biddilibop.
 Thanks for all the support out there! "