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Invader V3 Pro-Rudimental Practice Pad

Invader V3 Pro-Rudimental Practice Pad
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Retail Price: $90.00
Representing years of in-field research and innovation, the Invader V3 boasts a slick, yet elegant and otherworldly design, like no other drum practice pad on the planet. The Invader V3 has been carefully engineered to duplicate, as closely as possible, the functionality of a true rudimental snare. This cutting edge devise has been created for percussionists, from the beginner to the seasoned pro, who are dedicated to maximizing their performance.
Invader V3 Pro-Rudimental Practice Pad Features:
  • Revolutionary DarkMatter playing surface, the Invader V3 presents a realistic feel and articulation you have to experience to believe.
  • Equipped with a fully functional, stick-saving, 360 degree rim element, the Invader V3 is capable of producing the most authentic rim-shot effect of any rudimental practice pad on the planet. Shots, pings, cross-shots, tricks and mock hi-hat performance options are easily viable.
  • Encased in a specially formulatted, industrial-strength, abrasion and weather-resistant matrix.
  • The V3 fits into any standard 14" snare drum or snare stand hardware.
The Invader is one of the toughest, largest rudimental pads on the planet and represents a paradigm shift in professional percussion practice implements. The V3 will change the way you approach the drum forever.
Maintenance: For those interested in a smooth style playing surface to facilitate performance of advanced solo visual elements, simply apply an automotive style vinyl cleaner/ protectant to the playing surface. This technique can be used on the bottom surface as well, to diminish the device's amazingly non-slip effect. Otherwise, clean both surfaces with any typical household/ window cleaner to return the V3 to its original, otherworldly incarnation.