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Gretsch New Classic Series 4 Pc. Groove Shell Pack NC-F604

SKU: NC-F604
At a time when Retro is as hip as ever, Gretsch embellishes the retro vibe by offering a true new professional drum set in the New Classic series. Featuring proportionate Gretsch-formula maple shells, this drum-set produces a vintage Gretsch tonality while giving these drums their own distinctive sound. Proportionate shells increase in thickness as shell diameters increase to give a full, balanced tonality across the entire drum set. Classy appointments include vintage styled tube lugs, the very low mass “ITS” integrated tom suspension system and 9025 hinged tom and floor tom leg brackets. Retro looks combined wtih hip innovations...a true New Classic.
Gretsch New Classic Series 4 Pc. Groove Shell Pack NC-F604 Features:
  • 8"x10" - Tom
  • 9"x12" - Tom
  • 14"x14" - Floor Tom
  • 16"x20" - Bass Drum
  • Single Tom Arm w/ Clamp (2 Pc.)
  • Proportionate Shells w/ Silver Sealer
  • All Toms Are 6-ply
  • 20"-24" Bass Drums are 8-ply (18"BD is 6-ply)
  • Low Profile ITS Suspension Systems
  • Low Mass Vintage Styled Tube Lugs
  • Die-cast Hoops on Toms
  • 12.7mm Tom Arms
  • 30-degree Bearing Edges
  • Die-cast Claw Hooks
  • Evans Drumheads
  • Chambered FT Feet
  • 12.7mm FT Legs
  • Cymbals & Stands Not Included