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Gon Bops Mariano Series Quinto, 10.75" *

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SKU: MB1075
Retail Price: $799.00

Gon Bops founder Mariano Bobadilla built only one line of drums special enough to carry his name. Today, we are proud to offer a modern version of these legendary instruments. Their vintage character has been preserved using traditional counter hoops, Gon Bops natural hide heads and Durian wood construction. One-of-a-kind, Mariano drums offer authentic sound, from big, beefy open tones to crisp slaps and solid palm sounds. If you are ready to move up to a truly classy set of instruments, look no further.

Model: MB1075
Size: 10.75″
Finish: Mahogany Stain Oil
Shell: Durian
Head Type: Natural Hide