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Dunlop FFM1 Fuzz Face Silicon Mini Effect Pedal RU

Dunlop FFM1 Fuzz Face Silicon Mini Effect Pedal
over $20
Retail Price: $170.61

Vintage circuitry with modern modifications
When the earliest units of Fuzz Faces were introduced to the guitar world, their circuitries were lauded for the germanium transistors that contributed to a warm vintage tone. However, silicon was later used as the transistor, and it provided a brighter and sharper high end. While faithfully incorporating the same specification of the 1970 Silicon Fuzz Face, you can capture this classic silicon fuzz tone with this pedal.

Pedalboard-friendly housing
One of the inconveniences of incorporating a traditional Fuzz Face pedal in a pedalboard is its unusually large housing size. In many situations, guitarists and bassists would have to sacrifice one or more pedals that they love in order to insert a Fuzz Face in the signal chain. With this improved, pedalboard-friendly housing design, size is no longer an issue.

Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Distortion Features:

  • Circuitry based on a 1970 Fuzz Face with its matched BC108 silicon transistors
  • Legendary Fuzz Face tones in a pedalboard-friendly housing
  • Status LED, AC power jack & battery door