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Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Effect Pedal RU

Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Effect Pedal
over $20
Retail Price: $298.68

A clone of Van Halen's "Holy Grail" Cry Baby — tone and feel
You get the whole package with the Dunlop EVH Wah Wah. Not only does this Van Halen-signature wah pedal re-create the legend's wah tone, but it also clones Van Halen's wah playing feel. Dunlop went to work developing a replica of a wah Eddies dubs as his "Holy Grail" Cry Baby — it's a standard Cry Baby he had customized for a more vocal-like, High Q inductor and a wider frequency sweep. Interestingly enough, through years of undergoing Eddie's unique middle-range wah playing style, his "Holy Grail" Cry Baby had developed a custom curve in the pot's resistive element, which defined the midrange and even more defined and increased the low-end sweep. With the Dunlop EVH Wah Wah, you get that same playing feel — and custom tone — so you can nail Eddie's sound, or toss it in a pedalboard line up toward building your own custom tone.

Visual feedback via LEDs, visual impact via signature striped graphics
The Dunlop EVH Wah Wah lets you know when it's engaged and bypassed via dual bright-blue LEDs — a very handy upgrade to a standard wah — giving you visual feedback you can count on. You'll also make a statement with the EVH Wah Wah in your effects pedal arsenal — it's bedecked with black-and-yellow striped graphics, based on the Van Halen II guitar.

Dunlop EVH Wah Wah Eddie Van Halen Signature Cry Baby Wah Effects Pedal Features:

  • Eddie Van Halen Signature Cry Baby wah pedal
  • Based on Van Halen's "Holy Grail" Wah — a standard wah Eddie customized in the '90s
  • Delivers the same tone definition and sweep feel as Eddie's favorite wah
  • Features dual bright-blue LEDs, for visual feedback during engage and hardwire bypass modes
  • Sports "Van Halen II" black-and-yellow striped graphics
  • Made in Benicia, California
  • Does not include a power adapter