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Drum Workshop 5000 Series Dual/Accessory Hi-Hat Stand DWCP5520

Drum Workshop
Retail Price: $616.99
DW offers two 5000 Series Hi-Hat Specialty Pedals. The 5520 includes an integrated accessory pedal and attachment. Often used for playing cowbell, this uni-body construction guarantees solid performance and consistent setup.
The 5520-2 is a complete double pedal hi-hat package. This design allows the auxiliary side of the double pedal to be on the outside of the hi-hat. The pedal can easily be converted into a 5520 when using a single pedal.
Drum Workshop 5000 Series Dual/Accessory Hi-Hat Stand DWCP5520 Features:
  • The new Lateral Cymbal Seat Adjustment utilizes a specially made nylon insert wing nut for easily adjusting the angle of the bottom cymbal, even while playing.
  • Integrated Memory Locks on all tube joints guarantee 100% repeatable precise height settings every time.
  • Swivel Legs allow easy positioning of bass drum pedals and other stands around the Hi-Hat Stand.
  • SM379 Locking Clutch is standard on all 5000 Series Hi-Hat Stands.
  • Upper rods come standard in two lengths with all 5000 models, allowing you to customize the Hi-Hat Stand for your specific needs.
  • Left side aux. Percussion pedal