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Al Di Meola - Speak a Volcano: Return to Electric Guitar (DVD)

Al Di Meola - Speak a Volcano: Return to Electric Guitar (DVD)
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After 30 years of a splendid career and exploring a variety of styles, Al Di Meola still ranks among the most popular guitar masters of jazz and jazz-rock. On stage with Speak a Volcano, in Leverkusen, and surrounded by a band including his old companion and superb percussionist Gumbi Ortiz, Di Meola rediscovered his love of the electric guitar without denying newer influences. The result is a balancing act between volcanic electronic ecstasy and emotionally moving sound excursions, between fervent improvisations and intimate conversations, including many compositions of Di Meola himself and five Piazzolla tunes. So here, on his first “electric” DVD, he shows up with his full range of skills. Performances include: Azzura • Hypnose • One Night Last June • Rhapsody of Fire • Señor Mouse • Red Moon • Tangata • and more. Also includes bonus features of a conversation with Di Meola and his own guitar tips. 120 minutes.